Forget BYOD, WYOD is on its way

Sure, we have all heard the latest buzz around bring-your-own-device in the workplace; however, the next trend may very well be wear-your-own-device. Coming hot on the heels of BYOD, WYOD will certainly open up a number of exciting opportunities in and out of the office. Work is hard enough, wearable tech may help make it easier.


With the market bubbling up to over $18 billion and 22 million wearable units expected in the wild by the end of 2014, there was little doubt that these devices would eventually end up in the enterprise. Having already conquered select markets, a recent Deloitte study projects the consumer segment for wearables to reach nearly 10 million devices and $3 billion in revenue come year’s end.

Writing for Entrepreneur MagazineDanielle Weinblatt notes that wearables will enable new hires to be instantly introduced to office life. “The new hire can become assimilated quickly with introductions, orientations and trainings preloaded onto a device. Facial recognition software could make it that much easier for someone to remember everyone’s name and where to show up on those typically overwhelming first days at a new job,” she explains.

Even prior to the onboarding process, interviews could be streamlined with a WYOD practice. Imagine recording an interview’s audio just from a simple smartwatch, as to not intimidate the candidate. Consider a wearable handed out to a group of candidates, important questions could be answered prior to actual face-to-face meetings. Oh, how simple things could be!


To date, the most recognizable wearable technologies are smartglasses, with some 4 million pairs expected to be sold this year. Unlike smartphones, smart glasses don’t require one to hold the device therefore freeing up the hands. “Smart glasses can enable recruiters, hiring managers and HR pros to take more of their work with them, including applications, cover letters, resumes and all the necessary forms,” Weinblatt writes.

Ideally, bringing wearables into the office sooner than later will allow for all business relations to stay in line with modern technology trends. Permitting workers to become further detached from their desktop and more mobile will undoubtedly foster collaboration and efficiency.

According to analysts at ABI Research, over the next five years businesses will integrate more than 13 million wearable devices with embedded wireless connectivity into their wellness plans. The inherent versatility of Atmel’s microcontrollers and radio chips have made our silicon a favorite for both Makers and engineers. Granted, adoption of wearable technology won’t happen overnight; however, check that (hopefully Atmel based) smartwatch because it’s certainly time to envision the workplace of tomorrow!

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