Atmel @ Maker Faire Trondheim

It’s official! Trondheim, home of AVR architecture, has officially hopped onboard the Maker Movement train and is going full steam ahead. This year, the region has seen the emergence of Makerspaces, coworking spaces and of course, its first Maker Faire. The inaugural Maker Faire Trondhiem kicked off in the heart of the city on August 29-30th, smack dab in the middle of Trondheim’s town square. Over 70 projects were on display, a majority of which powered by Atmel microcontrollers (MCUs).

From cycles and contraptions to swarming robots and invisible mosquitos, this year’s event had it all. Reporting for MAKE Magazine, Alasdair Allan highlighted some of these Atmel based creations, among a number of others, that generated some buzz from attendees.

Now, here’s a look back at the event in photos.













As one Maker Faire comes to an end, another is set to begin. Don’t forget to join the Atmel team in Queens later this month for the 5th Annual World Maker Faire. Undoubtedly, this year will be amazing as an expected 750+ Makers and 85,000+ attendees head to the New York Hall of Science to see the latest DIY gizmos and gadgets, as well as AVR Man in the flesh. Once again a Silversmith Sponsor of the event, Atmel will put the spotlight on Arduino and Arduino-related projects. See you soon!

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