The Burning Man vest you wish you had!

Burning Man has arrived. This week, tens of thousands of burners will head into the Black Rock Desert for the seven-day festival. For those descending into northern Nevada, you’ll love this blinking vest produced by Maker Shaidarelam.

Shaidarelam took Adafruit’s advice and has been working arduously on his costume for nearly a year. Using the ATmega32u4 MCU-based FLORA platform, the Maker has made a vest that’ll clearly make him stand out in any crowd, even the eclectic gathering at Burning Man!

According to Adafruit, this is the second iteration of his light vest, as this year’s version will be bigger and better than the one he sported to the festival in the past. Using NeoPixels and some nifty sewing, our Maker has created one of the coolest wearable’s we have seen of late.

By incorporating a microphone, the vest can now react to music and even sports a solar power source. As any festival veteran can tell you, charging capabilities are worth their weight in gold at these events. Using the sun to power this vest is nothing short of genius and will make him an even bigger hit among the crowds.

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