EA uses 3D scanners to make FIFA 15 players come to life

No matter what club you support, you will undoubtedly find this application of 3D technology pretty clever. While it’s not out of the ordinary for the video gaming giant Electronic Arts to be at the forefront of technological advances, this project is a surprising partnership.


For their upcoming title FIFA 15, EA scanned over 200 English Premier League players to ensure that their likenesses were as accurate as possible when gamers took control later this year. For this monumental task, EA teamed up with industry leader 3DPrintUK. To commemorate the launch of the game, the two combined their technologies to create four lifelike busts of player’s scanned heads.


According to the 3DPrintUK site, after each of the players were scanned and printed with a 4mm thickness, strong enough to drop on the floor and bounce with no damage to the players. Talk about a header! Two artists on staff then painted the heads to match the player’s they were meant to mimic.


With 3D scanners becoming more accessible, it would be wrong not to think individual video game likenesses are going to become even more realistic in the near future. We have come a long way since Atari, that’s for sure!

FIFA 15 is set for release late next month. In the meantime, you can read more about the particulars of the project on 3DPrintUK’s blog.

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