Nike’s LED basketball court may be the future of training

From robots scoring goals on humans to tablets replacing NFL coaches’ playbooks, we’ve seen some serious tech-based advancements throughout the sporting world in recent months. And, while wearable technology has become a popular choice among athletes to monitor and enhance their training progress, Nike’s recent RISE campaign has truly upped the playing field… or shall we say, court?


The House of Mamba, a state-of-the-art basketball facility in Shanghai, has developed the first-ever full-sized court complete with in-floor LEDs that interact with the players as they move across the surface. Designed by the sportswear giant, the mesmerizing basketball court appears more like a video game than real-life.

The company brought in Lakers star Kobe Bryant to help coach 30 young Chinese players. “My first experience on the LED floor, it’s pretty uhhh … I didn’t even know that was possible. It’s amazing what can be done nowadays. I think the potential and possibilities for the floor are endless,” the NBA star told Lakers Nation.

Visualized with colored X’s, circles, and boundary zones, the court has the ability to guide players along moves and plays curated by Bryant himself.


As Dezeen Magazine reportsthe court tracks players on its surface with built-in motion sensors. It is also capable of setting out training programs and drills for players to follow, responding to players’ mistakes and displaying their performance stats.

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