Disco is back with this LED coffee table

Apparently disco will never die in the Maker community! Combine the Pixel Drop ceiling we previously showed you with this disco LED coffee table from Instructables and you’ll have the funkiest living room in the neighborhood!


Blair over at Instructables has shared a detailed guide on how to build this hip, customizable LED tabletop. The Maker was in need of new coffee table for her apartment, so in true DIY fashion, turned to her passion of electronics and engineering to create one herself.

She started the project by mocking up a prototype build in CAD. From there, she set out to assemble the frame. Knowing that this table was going to be a centerpiece of the room, Blair built the entirety of the frame in a woodshop. She took plenty of steps to assure the table could withstand daily use.

Next, she began to solder the LED strips that would provide the table’s effects and began to wire them. “Rather than soldering long wires between the strips, I used connectors and cables that I could easily unplug in case something wasn’t working,” she notes.


She proceeded to make the circuit board that would serve as the brains behind the table. Next, the Maker moved on to create the code for the Arduino Mega (ATmega1280) that would provide the dazzling light show. She added a series of diffused plastic dividers to enhance the table’s glow and then began the final assembly.


Once she found her entire contraption was working, she affixed the plexiglass top and sat back to admire her work! If only she had this disco-inspired NeoPixel dress, it could have been a real party!

To build your own Disco LED table, head over to Blair’s comprehensive Instructables guide.

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