Luciferin: A wearable plucked out of the Elizabethan Era

Our friends over at Adafruit have brought to our attention this mesmerizing piece created by lighting student Laura Jade. The Maker has a passion for history, design and technology, and this project is a superb hybrid of all three.

When developing this wearable, Jade looked to everything from the term ‘enlightenment’ to biological organisms that produce their own light. The name Luciferin is actually that of a molecule, which produces bioluminescent light in nature.

The sparkling LEDs across the piece are powered by the ATmega32u4 based FLORA platform. The project also includes an accelerometer that communicates with the microcontroller to direct the lighting to fit the wearer’s movements. The plastics adorning the front are laser cut and accented by EL wire.


It would be easy enough to believe that the Luciferin would be included in the next Hunger Games movie, or was a relic from an era long past. The antique design partnered with the high-tech functionality truly makes this necklace one of a kind. To check out more of Laura’s illuminating designs, we encourage you to browse her Tumblr page here.

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