Creating a fully-functional data glove with Arduino

A Maker by the name of CyberReality has spent the recent past in search of a data glove that could easily navigate virtual reality worlds. He wasn’t satisfied with the input that a typical USB keyboard or mouse provided, and consumer products like the Essential Reality P5 left much to be desired. Therefore in true Maker fashion, he took it upon himself to create a data gloved designed for exclusively for VR applications.


To begin his build, CyberReality picked up a Pololu MinIMU-9 v2 to fill the role of an orientation tracker. He proceeded to sync it to a PC using an Arduino Uno (ATmega328). After that, he picked up a Spectra Symbol flex sensor (which was also supposedly used in the amazingly awesome Nintendo Power Glove) and used the Arduino Uno to visualize the data it provided on his PC screen.

CyberReality will look to complete his project in the near future by polishing up the sensors and adding a physical glove to the prototype.

To keep up to date on this Maker’s project, you can head on over to his blog to track his progress. For other ingenious DIY projects like CyberReality’s, feel free to browse the Bits & Pieces archives.

1 thought on “Creating a fully-functional data glove with Arduino

  1. Paul Martinez

    Hi all! I’m trying to put together an amazing glove that includes the tech work of someone who loves Nintendo and its accessories, I designed, and used this idea fashioned from a slap together of new tech parts. I used it till it fell apart, it has games being programmed for any glove or hand sensor, but a cool, awesome, bad glove is in the needs of the many and I have a design that has already stirred some excitement, I have my Art to offer the world, and my love of drawing/game designing and accessory creating, and am looking for a person to share my idea with to create the most awesome new tech glove and nice feeling , agile influencing, highest tech looking fully pc and game operating device. I’ve also designed a new Robot. Please contact me if you know you deserve to have your work be involved. I am open to sharing this with the best, to make sure it is the best for all. There is a new glove now with tiny tiny flex sensors, this company would be ideal for the attaching hand sleeve, which you can feel things through, yet is tough enough to last, and it senses every detail of finger movement. I hope to continue my work in this direction. Please contact me at the below email address if you’re at all interested in talking with me or seeing what I’ve Trademarked. Thank you, sincerely Paul Martinez



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