Arduino-Flush Less saves more

Amid water concerns growing in his native California, a Maker by the name of TVMiller directed his water saving attention towards the bathroom. TVMiller devised the modest Arduino-Flush Less to provide minimum water levels for bathroom functionality.


The Flush Less gives toilets options it never possessed before. Depending on the user’s restroom needs, the device can provide the minimum amount of water necessary to flush it all away. Choosing between the simplistic “Flush” or “Deuce” can save up to two gallons a day per Flush Less user. If a mere 1,825 hackers installed a Flush Less system, it could lead to over 1 million gallons of water being saved a year! Now that’s what we call ‘making’ a difference!

Over at his initial Hackaday log, TVMiller provides some witty insight into how this project came together. The brains behind the device are based around an Arduino Micro (ATmega32u4) that monitors the water levels and dispenses the necessary amounts to keep the toilet flowing for the user’s current requirements.


For those with sanitary concerns, the lavatory invention even includes a smartphone app, which puts the control of the toilet directly in the hands of the user.

To learn more about how you can join in on TVMiller’s effort to conserve water and change the way we think about the toilet, head over to his entertaining blog.

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