Close encounters of a wearable kind

Leslie Birch over at Adafruit has put together a tutorial for all of the believers out there. This stylish hat utilizes an Adafruit GEMMA Sensor pack and a basic bucket hat to mimic the sounds of otherworldly beings from the classic film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


The lid is features an onboard photocell that can sense when it is dark, once in the right environment, the hat can recite the digital sounds and colors made famous by the film. With NeoPixels sewn into the brim, the hat is equipped with the tiny GEMMA platform attached behind the seam of the lining. To make the spacey digital sounds, a piezo buzzer is onboard to recreate the tones of the classic flick. Also, a battery pack is sewn within the lining to assure that the hat can entertain at any given moment.

The ATtiny85-powered GEMMA platform allows the photocell to spark the hat to life whenever darkness falls. Though, if you’re impatient, you can simply cover the sensor with your hand and the hat’s musical notes will soon follow.

For those looking “surprise their friends with a mother ship on your head, Spielberg style,” you will need the following materials:

For those seeking to create this space-age cap themselves, follow along with the full tutorial at Adafruit. For more wearable designs, feel free to browse the Bits & Pieces archive.

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