Playing NES in a cartridge

Reddit was taken by storm over the weekend when Maker Daniel Hankewycz revealed this retro gaming project. The Maker has adapted a vintage Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) cartridge to contain all of the necessary components to be a functioning NES console.


Daniel got the original idea to build a console within a cartridge from Kotomi, but decided to put his own spin on the project. Using a vintage console and an ATmega168 MCU, Daniel has developed a fully-functional console that is a true blast from the past.

The video above will explain the inner workings of Daniel’s ingenious project. In this version of the build, he explains that he selected an Arduino so that he could still use the classic NES controllers. You can find his full Instructables tutorial at this link.

What is next for Daniel? He has ideas for a portable NES unit as well as a build based around an Atari 2600. No matter what he has planned next, we will be ready to share his next technostalgic creation. Now go save that princess!

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