Playing Timberman with Arduino

While playing addictive (and often times repetitive) video games can be fun for some, for others it can be a downright tedious task. That’s why a Maker by the name of Valentin Heun did just what any other hacker would: create an automated system to play the game for him. Set out to accomplish just that, Valentin designed a Timberman-playing device to help attain the high score using an ATmega328-based Arduino Uno.

“We’re used to seeing mechanical touchscreen hacks but this one is electronic, using a couple of pads of copper foil tape and some relays to make it happen,” explains Hackaday’s Mike SzczysUnlike other creations, Valentin’s project doesn’t require a player to still be touching something with their hand; rather, the device simply relies upon the relays to switch the connection betwen the pads and your body.

The Maker devised his high score-acheiving contraption using the following components:

  • JZC-11F RELAYS attached to TIP120 attached to pins 4 and 8.
  • OP580DA PHOTODARLINGTON NPN attached to A0
  • SWITCH attached to pin 7
  • All resistors are 1K Ohm


For those interested in learning more about the project, you can find the entire code and circuit example for the program here.


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