cPulse: An Android case to light up your life

CODLIGHT has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the cPulse, the world’s first smart LED lighting case for Android phones. Powered by the Atmel SAM3X MCU, the unit offers a new spin on LED interaction.


As its Kickstarter page notes, the cPulse consists of an edge-to-edge case and a 128 LED panel equipped with an ambilight sensor, providing users with a high intensity and colorful lighting experience. The case and its accompanying app allow you to create, share, and play your own lighting tracks just as you do with digital music. Users can also opt to create their own lighting tracks from scratch.


Compatible with any Android 4.4 KitKat smartphone, the cPulse aims to make LED lighting creative, social and of course, mobile. Its panel of LEDs can be used to display notifications and to create unique lighting ambiances.

The sleek design and external micro-USB slot assure that daily activity on your smartphone will not be hindered. CODLIGHT has even taken indispensable battery power into account stating that “One hour of colorful LED lighting accounts for merely 7% of your smartphone’s total battery capacity.”


The LED lighting experience can be used to set the mood in a room, gently wake you up, or display a flashy notification when you receive a text message.

CODLIGHT is also embracing the growing 3D printing movement by providing their case files to the Maker community. The company will then ship the required electronic elements to a Maker’s home and allow for home construction of the cPulse case.


As TechCrunch reported, CODLIGHT isn’t necessarily a phone case company, instead the French company says it wants to “’re-invent’ the way people interact with lighting. The cPulse is certainly a bold and innovative way to begin that task.

If you want to learn more about the cPulse or how you can support the development of this product, head on over to their Kickstarter page.


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