Pac-Man inspired suspenders brighten your outfit

Known as “FLORA,” Adafruit’s wearable electronics platform is built around Atmel’s Atmega32u4 MCU. The microcontroller boasts built-in USB support, eliminating the need for pesky special cables and extra parts.

Today on Bits & Pieces, we’re covering a vintage arcade game-inspired design by Becky Stern of Adafruit. No stranger to some sweet DIY wearable gadgetry, Becky’s Pac Man Pixel Suspenders will certainly add some pizazz to the way you hold your pants up.


This set of “blinken-braces” boasts 30 NeoPixels, each of which are sewn to these suspenders and powered by a FLORA main board running a dazzling Pac Man-inspired animation, Stern wrote in the project tutorial’s introduction.

Early in the tutorial, Becky breaks down the list of the materials needed for the project:

If you were thinking about embarking on this project yourself, don’t let the sewing intimidate you. Becky knowledgably describes the stitching process, “Use a sewing machine set to a zigzag stitch to affix three strands of conductive thread to the suspenders along one side.”


So your sewing is complete, what’s the next move? Becky recommends that you begin to make all of the required data connections prior to putting away the sewing machine. She states, “When your thread gets short, just interleave it with the threads under the zigzags and cut off the tail.”


Moving forward, once data connections have been checked for shorts, the suspenders must be programmed. Prior to programming, Becky warns that, “If any of your connections are flaky, reinforce them with conductive thread.” After the proper code has been uploaded, you’re ready to wear your work!

Now that you know how to make a pair of your own, the question is, are you bold enough to rock these with your next outfit? We know someone who is…


Interested in checking out some other slick FLORA projects? Search through our entire Adafruit archive here.

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