Upgrading a door lock with Arduino Mega

Maker by the name of [HSP] has created an actuator-based locking system to augment his room’s standard lock. Using an Arduino Mega (ATmega1280) and a basic keypad system, this Maker has significantly increased the security of his room with this latest project.


As Hackaday’s James Hobson mentions, the device includes a standard keypad, a 44780 display, as well as a key override “for street cred” as he humorously puts it. The simple locking system is based upon a 12V actuator that was optimized to run off of a mere 7.5V.

After wiring up the device and attaching the keypad, [HSP] furnished a physical housing for his creation out of wood. The Maker notes that this was not a carpentry project and that he “just took some random pieces of wood and made it.”

Once overcoming the initial issues, [HSP] made sure to provide a failsafe for this locking device. He previously learned his lesson by having to climb through his window after he devised and installed “a lock which was locked on power failure, and the machine (Windows) running it, crashed.”

Thus, when the unit lost power he was forced to climb up 7 meters and break into his own room to avoid “trashing” the door. He now claims to, “have a little respect for the possibility of failure, and design my systems for the expected threat-level.”

This new unit’s locking mechanism is, “only locked with power. This is insecurity by design. This is to keep the casual people out.” While this Maker’s project may not keep Fort Knox secure, it surely demonstrates how a creative individual can use these products to upgrade an object as simple as a door lock.

To learn more about [HSP]’s locking device, you can see its entire image gallery here or watch the project in action below.

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