Building a jar chandelier with ATmega328

A Maker by the name of ‘Funelab’ has created an LED chandelier by utilizing an Atmel-based (ATmega328) Arduino Uno, as well as an Arduino Mini, copper wire and 50 small jars.


Funelab notes in a recent Instructables guide that he chose to embark on this project because he “wanted to give his room some special design, with smooth lighting.” Therefore when he had the option to use RGB LEDs and an Arduino board, he decided upon making a chandelier.

After some initial deliberation, the Maker decided upon an acrylic frame base with a 6.5” diameter, as it would easily fit within his room.


Maker beware: Funelab does caution users to be delicate when sawing through the acrylic frame, as he broke his first attempt due to cutting too quickly.

The creator then spent two days wiring the project and found that rechargeable batteries best fit the chandelier’s needs.


“The battery cell is ideal to power lights for outdoor activities where electricity is not available.” He also details that if the battery runs out, one should charge the batteries, “about 2 hours to be able to continue using.”

In the end, this Arduino-powered chandelier can create a mellow and relaxing mood at any sort of outdoor gathering.

To learn more about the project or attempt to create one of these beautiful devices yourself, take a trip over to the project’s official Instructables page.

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