Atmel-powered 3DOF Robot Arm is now on Tindie

Back in May, Dan Royer of Marginally Clever debuted an open source 3-DOF palletizing robot based on the commercial ABB 460. The unit is now available on Tindie as a kit for $350.

According to Royer, the ‘bot is powered by two Adafruit motor shields, an Atmel-based Arduino Uno (ATmega328 MCU) and gcodecncdemo (software).

“[Essentially], this robot is an affordable, scaled-down model that is perfect for classroom based training on the mechanics and operations of a robot arm,” said Royer.

“[It boasts] three degrees of freedom – reaching up to 50cm away from its body. It runs on stepper motors and gearing for great precision. The lifting capacity is approximately 125g fully extended and 155g in a retracted position.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the official 3DOF Robot Arm page on Tindie here.

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