Engadget talks flexible batteries for wearables

Mat Smith of the Engadget crew recently went hands-on with ProLogium, a manufacturer of flexible batteries for wearable devices.

“[The] flexible-battery manufacturer reckons its thin, flexible lithium-ceramic cells, shaped into wristbands, could offer as much as 500mAh of extra power, with existing models already offering an extra 300mAh,” Smith wrote on the sidelines of Computex 2014 in Taiwan.

“The lithium-ceramic batteries used are solid-state, meaning they avoid the volatility of other lithium-powered power sources. Other safety boons include non-flammable materials and the fact that it won’t explode or set fire if cut into pieces.”

According to Smith, the three- to five-cell layers measure (roughly) 1.5mm thick, making them a perfect fit for a wide range of wearables, including smart glass headsets, illuminated clothing, heating elements and smartwatches.

As Smith reports, the company is already making the bands in various configurations, offering a two-piece that connects to the end of a watch face, along with a chin design that connects and overlaps an existing strap.

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