Video: 3D printing houses in Minnesota

Andrey Rudenko is developing a 3D cement printer capable of printing medium-sized homes with concrete insulated walls.

The printer – powered by an Atmel-based Arduino Mega (ATmega1280 MCU) – is built to withstand real-world conditions.

“The next generation is currently in development and will be able to print homes on mountainous/hilly terrain, where traditional construction is more challenging,” Rudenko explained. 

”I’m looking to collaborate with fellow architects, designers, builders and interested individuals worldwide, including students in these respective fields. I’m open to suggestions, discussions and new ideas. ”

It should be noted that Rudenko’s 3D cement printer was recently featured on Engadget by Daniel Cooper, who writes:

“In order to make [the 3D printer] affordable to more than just a select few, the creator is using a cheap cement-and-sand mix, which is layered out 20mm at a time, holding its shape long enough for an operator to add-in some steel reinforcement before it hardens… Rudeno is planning to make a splash with the tech later in the summer, as he’s working on building both a small playhouse to test out the concept, before finding a plot of land upon which we can cook up a full two-story house.”

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