Atmel @ Maker Faire Day 2

Atmel’s jam-packed booth (#205) hosted Makers, modders and hackers on day two of Maker Faire Bay Area 2014.

We showcased a number of uber-cool exhibits and demos throughout the day, with various guest appearances by various personalities such as Massimo Banzi and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Our Day 1 image gallery is available here – and more Day 2 pictures below!

3 thoughts on “Atmel @ Maker Faire Day 2

  1. Tenaya - @ArduinoWoman @LininoWoman

    Thank you so much Atmel! I am graciously included in your blog post here with fabulous photos. What a pleasure to connect with elite makers like you. Everyone in these photos are my maker-friend-colleagues! Quinn – famous maker kid, Garrett Mace of Macetech epic LED shades (I own 4 pair!), Sylvie Barak and Sander Arts from Atmel. Thank you so much, Maker Faire = Best 2 days of my life (plus bonus Making Possibilities workshop with Maker Ed on Thursday, and Friday setup day was super fun with just the industry folks.) Thank you to all the makers who attended! I enjoyed meeting you and I hope I can continue to be a resource for innovation for you. Please visit me at The Tech Museum of Innovation and our new office on Technology Drive in San Jose, CA! @ArduinoWoman @LininoWoman


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