Video: Building a DIY musical rain poncho (Uno)

Carnegie Mellon student Liana Kong recently designed a DIY musical rain poncho using an Atmel-powered Arduino Uno (ATmega328), FM tuner and flexible speaker.

According to the official Adafruit blog, the poncho is capable of controlling the radio in a number of ways, including: Hood up/down – power, colorful snaps – different station presets and hood strings – volume.

“Most of my classmates made radios out of wood or plastic, something that sits on a table. When I told everyone that the colorful pile of fabric was my radio, they had to second guess themselves,” Kong explained in a recent blog post.

“A lot of my past projects have been pretty practical, so it was refreshing that people were getting excited about my poncho. Also, seeing their faces brighten into a smile when they put the poncho on was really fulfilling.”

Kong also noted that the “key point” of her DIY musical rain poncho was to stay connected to one’s surrounding while listening to and enjoying music in harmony with the rain, sans earbuds or headphones which create walls to the outside.

“While the exterior is a more muted tone, the inside reflects the excitement and playful aspect of the poncho,” she added.

Interested in learning more? You can check out Liana Kong’s blog post here.

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