Arduino Zero in my hot little hand

A buddy just walked by and showed me the new Arduino Zero that will be showcased at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2014 this Saturday and Sunday.


It’s nice working at Atmel Headquarters where stuff like this happens to me. Better yet, one of our brilliant Norwegian marketing engineers walked by and I asked him about the Zero. I said: “OK, it has a SAM D21 ARM Cortex M0+ chip, but what is that other big chip?”

He said: “Its the debugger chip, the same one we use on our Xplained Pro boards.”

I say: “A debugger, like you can use on our Studio 6 integrated development platform?”

He says “yup.”

Now I happened to have the Arduino IDE running on my screen, and I point to it and say “But the Arduino IDE does not have a debugger interface!”

And he just smiled and walked away.


So there you have it, maybe not right away, but one day soon, you will be able to actually watch the guts of an Atmel chip as it executes your code in an Arduino. You can see registers and memory values, and set breakpoints and all the other things a debugger does. I am a big fan of debuggers, as evidenced by two recent videos I did here and here. You can do it now with our debuggers or our SAM D21 Xplained Pro boards, but only in Studio 6.2. If you prefer the Arduino IDE, you might be able to debug soon using that.

1 thought on “Arduino Zero in my hot little hand

  1. Bill

    What’s the difference between “Arduino Zero” (your Picture) and “Arduino Zero Pro” ( ?

    The “Arduino Zero Pro” is already available in different stores,
    but is not supported by the official Arduino IDE 1.6.x (from …

    So Arduino Project has forked now into two directions ?
    ( versus )



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