TinkerForge launches Atmel-powered IoT starter kit

Designed by TinkerForge, the Atmel-powered Starter Kit: Internet of Things allows Makers and engineers to easily control multiple home automation devices across a wide range of devices, both locally or over the Internet.

More specifically, the Starter Kit can be used to control 433MHz mains switches, dimmers and home automation components.

“With the API Bindings it is possible to control the wireless actuators with any (embedded) PC, smartphone or tablet over the Internet,” a TinkerForge rep explained in a recent product post.

“With the kit, nothing stands in the way of turning your coffee maker on while you are heading home or to dim your living room illumination with your own cloud. [Plus], the IoT Starter Kit website gives you direct access to wireless actuators from any web-enabled device.”

The IoT kit comprises a USB-equipped Master Brick powered by Atmel’s ARM-based ATSAM3S4C MCU and a Remote Switch Bricklet (+ antennae), the latter of which features a 433MHz transceiver.

Additional kit items include:


1x Bricklet cable 6cm
  • 1x Remote switch Bricklet case
  • 1x USB cable 180cm
  • 1x Mounting kit 12mm
  • 1x Mounting kit 9mm

“Over the USB connection of the Master Brick you can control remote control mains switches or similar. An (embedded) PC either does the switching itself or it can serve as a gateway,” the rep added.

“With an additional Ethernet Master Extension it is possible to go without a gateway.”

It should also be noted that TinkerForge is offering a number of shields or bricklets for its IoT starter kit, including a motion detector, temperature IR/PTC, ambient light, GPS and hall-effect.

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered Starter Kit: IoT? You can check out the product’s official page here.

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