Arduino LilyPad plays MP3 workout shirt

BBrodsky has created an MP3-equipped workout shirt powered by an Atmel-based (ATmega328P) Arduino LilyPad (MP3).

“[The] workout shirt utilizes the MP3 player and an accelerometer to detect whether or not the wearer is moving. If so, it plays his or her music. The goal of the system is to promote an active lifestyle for wearers,” BBrodsky wrote in a recent Instructables post.

“The price of our system ranges between $60 and $100 based on parts used, the cost of the shirt, etc. It is affordable, easy to understand and create and will help promote healthiness and physical activity in society.”

Aside from the LilyPad MP3 player, key project components include:

  • LilyPad accelerometer
  • RGB rotary encoder
3.7V Lipo (lithium ion) battery
  • Micro SD card
  • Headphones or speakers
Conductive thread and a sewing needle
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder coil
  • Alligator clips (for testing the circuitry before sewing)
  • Rainbow LEDs (optional)
  • Vibration board (optional)
  • Button (optional)
  • On/off switch (optional)
  • Extra fabric and card stock (optional)

BBrodsky kicks off his Instructables by providing a brief overview of the MP3-equipped workout shirt.

“[The] system uses the accelerometer to sense motion, communicating the detected motion (or lack thereof) to the MP3 player. The MP3 player then runs the corresponding functions based on the values it receives from the accelerometer. The RGB rotary encoder is used as a visual that displays different colors (blue or green) based on what function is being executed,” he explained.

“Once the system is completed and integrated with the shirt, the device should be ready to use. Keeping the device plugged in using via USB to a laptop is useful, as the serial monitor can be used to visualize the processes that the system is running. The headphone jack can also be used to plug in speakers so that the music can be played out loud.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official Instructables page here.

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