Video: Atmega328p MCU drives LINBUS signal injector

Zapta has created a LINBUS signal injector powered by Atmel’s Atmega328p microcontroller (MCU) to simulate an automatic “Sport Mode” button press in his vehicle.

Essentially, the Atmel-powered signal injector connects on a LIN Bus between the master and slave – observing and manipulating the data flowing on the line. 

The device is also equipped with a 115kbs serial interface for programming and logging bus activity on a standard computer, along with two LIN bus ports.

“One acts as a slave and should be connected to the LIN bus master and another that acts as a master and should be connected to the LIN bus slave,” Zapta explained in a recent blog post.

“The firmware includes a set of files named with the prefix custom_ that implements an application specific logic (simulating pressing the Sport Mode button of my car whenever the ignition is turned) and should be modified to match the target logic and behavior.”

In addition, the USB/Serial port is also compatible with the Arduino IDE (emulating an Atmel-powered Arduino Mini Pro) which can be used to edit/compile/download software updates.

“The serial output of the injector can be viewed directly with a terminal emulation software or using the provided script that adds timestamp,” Zapta added. 

”The injector provided sample application is configured for 19,200bps linbus that uses LIN V2 checksum but can be configured for busses with different speeds and checksum formula.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page and relevant files here.

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