Printoo brings everyday objects to life

Printoo is a printed electronics prototyping platform designed to help bring everyday objects to life.

The versatile platform – created by Ynvisible – can be easily embedded in various materials, including paper.

“In a world where computers have become an integral part of our live, Printoo aims to give people the ability to embed everyday object and devices with computational power,” a Ynvisible rep explained on the product’s official site.

“It enables new ways to link the physical and the digital worlds. [Plus], the platform is fully compatible and programmable with the Arduino IDE.”

The core Printoo module is powered by Atmel’s ATmega328 microcontroller (MCU). Additional hardware modules include a display driver, battery connector, batteries (soft and ultra-thin), battery holder, sensor module, solar cell connector, conductive ink adapter, DC motor drivers, electrochromic display, organic photodetector slider, polymer solar cell and LED strip.

The Ynvisible crew has also created a number of Printoo-powered demos such as a Bluetooth fan, 3D printed watercraft, solar powered 3D printed hovercraft, “girlfriend communicator,” electronic voter and the Printoo Man.

Printoo is expected to go live later this month on a crowdfunding website. Interested in learning more? You can check out the product’s official page here.

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