Video: Animating sunlight with LightByte

LightByte, a massive interactive sun pixel facade, is designed to modify (or display) the rays of the sun into intricate shapes.

Essentially, it transforms sunlight into an expressive medium to convey information, communicate ideas and shape unique shadows.

So, how does the system work?

According to LightByte’s official page, hundreds of individually controlled servo flaps (regulated by a matrix of Atmel-based Arduino boards) act like “sun pixels,” allowing LightByte to let in or block sunlight to varying degrees.

“Hidden from the viewers, it involves computing algorithms and kinetic mechanisms to animate light through these sun pixels,” the description reads.


“Wood is deliberately chosen to form the light-tuning facade. The wood, from its texture to the sounds it produces, recalls patterns on the forest floor as interplay of shadow and light.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out LightByte’s official page here and HackADay’s write up here.

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