Out of ideas? Try the hackable META!

Tim Ellis has debuted the AVR-powered META on Kickstarter. According to Ellis, the Atmel-based platform (ATmega328PU MCU) can best be described as a unique, handcrafted, hackable, retro, open source, Motivational Electronic Text Advisor (META).

“We’ve all experienced the frustration of creative drought. You’re sitting down, trying to come up with your next great idea; that amazing Kickstarter project that will take the Internet by storm and make the world a better place,” Ellis explains.

“But instead of a gushing river of amazing ideas flowing straight from your brain to your computer screen, your mind is a total blank. Brain freeze. Writer’s block. Coder’s collapse. Engineer’s enigma. Musician’s meltdown. Singer’s stoppage. Painter’s Paradox. Before today, there has been no effective remedy for these plagues upon our collective creative consciousness.”

Well, that was clearly then. This is now. This is META, in all its light-hearted, ironic glory.

So, how does this fun platform work? Simply press META’s center button and the custom control code generates a unique idea for you to peruse. Here are just a few arbitrary examples Ellis has come up with:

  • GPS-Enabled Programming Calculator for Babies
  • Locally-Sourced Weight-Sensing Gypsum Dice
  • Animatronic BPA-Free Desk for Cats
  • Laser-Cut Hands-Free Aluminum Leggings for Moms
  • Augmented Reality Solar-Powered Teak Sunglasses

“META is most effective when kept within easy reach of your creative workspace. Whenever you hit a creative block, just turn on META, press the center button, and boom, instant creative spark,” says Ellis.

“[Remember], this is just a tiny sampling of the over 300 million distinct ideas I’ve somehow managed to cram into this little box to surprise and delight you for many years—nay, decades—nay, eons to come.”

Interested in learning more about this cool little box filled with arbitrary ideas and random juxtapositions? You can check out META’s official Kickstarter page here.

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