Identifying four key IoT challenges

Writing for the EE Times, Angel Orrantia of SK Telecom Americas’ Innovation Accelerator says the Internet of Things (IoT) will change our interaction with each other and our environment – much like the PC, Internet and smartphone altered how we work and live.

Orrantia also identifies four key challenges related to the rise of the IoT, including moving past absolute dependence on smartphones, plugging into alternative power, riding the data flood and tapping innovation sources.

“Wearables need to have their own communication capabilities to break the connection to the phone and connect directly to the cloud,” Orrantia opines.

 “Moreover, these smart devices will communicate with one another directly, not just through the cloud and certainly not through two smartphones.”

More specifically, says Orrantia, to become truly useful, wearables will require an integrated GPS.

“Imagine a watch that not only can tell how many steps you’ve taken, but how far you went with those steps, and if those steps were on flat ground or climbing stairs,” he adds.

In terms of alternative power, Orrantia recommends a wide range of options for future devices, including wireless charging at a distance, energy harvesting, along with solar and kinetic energy.

Commenting on the data center, Orrantia echoes Gartner analysts who noted earlier this month that the IoT will have a significant impact on the data center market, its customers, technology providers, technologies, as well as sales and marketing models. Simply put, IoT deployments are expected to generate large quantities of data that need to be processed and analyzed in real time, leaving providers to face new security, capacity and analytics challenges.

Last, but certainly not least, says Orrantia, innovation will likely to be fostered via a multifaceted approach.

“[Nevertheless], the vast majority of innovations are going to be driven by brilliant entrepreneurs and the rare industry leader who is willing to take risks and try new funding business and innovation models,” he concludes.

The full text of “IoT Faces 4 Key Challenges” can be read here on EE Times.

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