Time-lapse photography trigger on an Arduino Shield

A Shield is a plug-in mezzanine board that fits into Arduinos. I was looking for a remote trigger for my great Panasonic GH3 camera I use for some shots in my Atmel Edge web show. So I was delighted to run across this little time lapse trigger Arduino Shield that visual effects artist Dan Thompson is working on.


This is the circuit board layout for Dan Thompson’s time-lapse Arduino Shield.

That lucky happenstance led me to other Arduino-based time-lapse controllers like this one from “hacker3455”.


This is another Arduino-based time-lapse shutter controller.


And here is a yet another time-lapse Arduino on Hack-a-Day.



And if you want to get that “Bullet time” look like in the Matrix
movies, there is even an Arduino-based time-lapse dolly controller.



There are several controllers, like this one you can to pans and tilts with. Here is a little test video of the prototype:

Of course, the path software is critical and the community does not disappoint, with code like this, developed by Airic Lenz, the fellow that did the above video.

This is the kind of tech that South Dakota farmer Randy Halverson stunned the world with back in 2013. Here is a vid with the man himself:

Here is a video of an Arduino-based dolly in action:

And here is one more time-lapse controller from the wonderful folks at Practical Arduino.

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