Arduino in a cardboard box

If you went to Maker Faire New York, you saw Atmel’s tables had flashing LEDs on the edge.


The tables Atmel had at NY Maker Faire had LED strips built into them.

Those strips were powered by these custom “Arduinos in a box.” The cardboard box was perfectly in keeping with cardboard tables, made by chairigami.


We created a battery-powered Arduino to run the LED lights on the cardboard tables.


Inside the box is an Atmel-powered Arduino, as well as the battery pack used to run the board and LED strip.


This side has the D-sub connector used to connect to the LED strips. There is also a power connector if you don’t want to run on the internal batteries.


The boxes have a cut-out for the USB connector, should you need to do some emergency programming on the show floor.


A nice touch is the Velcro strip on the back of the battery pack that holds it to the side of the box. You can see the “ECO” (engineering change order) where the USB hole was on the same side, but that got changed in the prototyping stage. Every product tells a story.

Be sure to check out the Atmel booth at Maker Faire Bay Area (Silicon Valley), World Maker New York (in Queens), and in just a few weeks (April 6-7, 2014) we will be at Maker Faire @ Shenzhen (China).

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