Building a modular infrared thermometer 

Brian McEvoy has created a unique Arduino-based modular infrared thermometer.

According to McEvoy, ESPeri.IRBud allows users to “associate an audible tone with a temperature from an infrared, contactless thermometer.”

Key project components include:

  • Arduino Pro Mini (ATmega168)
  • USB FTDI interface adapter
  • Melexis thermometer
  • 4.7K pull-up resistors
  • Cord from a stereo headphone with microphone
  • 3.5mm TRRS plug
  • 3.5mm stereo plug
  • 2.5mm stereo plug
  • 3 or 4 postion DIP switches
  • Logarithmic potentiometer
  • Enclosure

“The [Atmel-based] Arduino is the head and heart of the project. Everything connects to it one way or another. This project was intended to be very modular.  Everything can be unplugged and swapped for a different version,” he explained in a recent blog post.

“So instead of being stuck with a pair of cheap headphones you may plug in your favorite pair. If you decide to build this one on the cheap and upgrade to a better thermometer later you just solder up the brand new thermometer and plug it in.”

In addition, the IRBud can be easily modded for a wide variety of applications simply by attaching different externals.

“[For example], a wrist-mounted temperature sensor with a vibrator would allow a person to feel surface temperatures before touching them,” he added.

“That could be a huge safety boon. A shoulder mounted unit with a pressure asserting solenoid could allow wait-staff to sense when a patron’s coffee is cold or soda is warm. So far, I haven’t thought of a bad way to implement this.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out HackADay’s write up here and Brian’s official project page here.

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