International Arduino Day is almost here!

Celebrated March 29, 2014, Arduino Day is a worldwide celebration marking the first successful decade of the Atmel-powered open source board.

It’s a 24 hour celebration – both official and independent – with Makers meeting up to share their DIY experiences.

Meanwhile, Make Magazine will be celebrating the milestone all through next week by showcasing a special lineup of top-rated Arduino projects.

“But we’re also looking to you, because we want to feature your original projects here on the Make blog. If you’re not going to be able to show off your project at your local Arduino event on Arduino Day, maybe you should show it off to the world,” writes MakeZine’s Alasdair Allan.

“Or maybe you’ve been itching for an excuse to sit down and build something new? Or [perhaps] someone [is] wrong on the Internet and you want to write the definitive guide teaching people how to use a particular sensor, widget, or gizmo, with the Arduino.”

Whatever the reason, Makers can send a summary of their thoughts to with “MAKE Arduino Day” in the subject line. Please be sure to include any technical details about the build, as well as some pictures, images and video links.

Of course we’ll also be celebrating Arduino Day here at Bits & Pieces with extra project coverage, so be sure to stop by and check out our blog posts about everybody’s favorite Atmel-powered board!

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