Vega Edge is a wearable, hackable light

Made of laser-cut leather, the Edge is a wearable light that snaps securely onto your clothing with the help of four strong neodymium magnets. You can wear it discreetly by day or brightly at night with your winter coat, cardigan, hood, scarf, handbag, collar, pocket, belt, or wherever you’d like a touch of light.

According to project designer Angella Mackey, the Edge can also be worn for added visibility at night while cycling, jogging or walking. Indeed, traditional bike lights are often forgotten on the bike frame, leaving them vulnerable to theft. The Edge will stay with you, so you’re always prepared and visible.

 Perhaps most importantly, says Mackey, the Edge is designed to look good even when the lights are off.

“The Edge doesn’t have a typical flashing pattern of ON–OFF–ON–OFF. We have experimented with different fades and shimmers, and use a unique light pattern when in flashing mode,” Mackey explained in a recent Kickstarter post.

“[Plus], if you like to tinker, the Vega Edge is [Atmel-powered and] Arduino-based, [so] can be reprogrammed with whatever flashing pattern or behavior you’d like. When the Edge ships we’ll include a link to our Hacking the Edge guide which includes hardware instructions and the open source code.”

Currently, the Vega Edge is being offered in two featured shapes: trapezoid and true. Both are available in either black or brown leather and can be paired with white, red, green or blue.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s Kickstarter page here and the official Vega page here.

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Vega Edge is a wearable, hackable light

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