Open source Lathon 3D printer hits Kickstarter

Nohtal Alex Partansky recently debuted his Lathon 3D printer on Kickstarter. The open source platform – powered by an Atmel-based RUMBA board (ATmega2560) – is equipped with a dual nozzle and offers support for over 8 different materials.

Aside from the Atmel-powered RUMBA, key Lathon features include:

  • Enclosed build volume
  • Air filtration
  • Large high quality prints
  • Dual nozzle printing
  • Dissolvable support
  • Overmolded prototypes
  • Multiple materials
  • Standalone printing

“Many printers have an ‘open-air’ printing architecture [and] this approach has many pitfalls. The act of 3D printing is a balance of thermodynamics and kinematics. Any rapid change in temperature such as opening a door will create errors in the print,” Partansky explained.

“These temperature changes can lead to having a single layer of your print be ruined, which can cause a total print failure. The enclosed build volume also prevents curling of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene aka LEGO plastic) printed models.”

This is why, says Partansky, the Lathon circulates air in the build volume, constantly passing through two activated carbon filters that drastically reduce the amount of ABS particles in the air.

“[Plus], with an enclosed build volume and an Ultem 2300 print bed you can set your mind at ease as you can make massive prints without errors. With a 12″x9″x8″ build volume you can actually print useful items, not just small toys,” Partansky continued.

“Imagine printing your own Iron Man costume or a carbon fiber wrench; with the Lathon this is possible! The printing surface is made out of Ultem 2300 that does not need any tape or ABS juice to function. Laminating kapton tape to the build surface takes at least 5-10 minutes and applying ABS juice is messy; this will not be a problem. Just use the included heated bed, let the print cool down and the final print simply pops right off.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out the open source Lathon 3D printer on Kickstarter here.

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