ATmega328P mods this console controller

Marcel Smith has modded and tricked-out a PS3 dualshock controller using an ATmega328P microcontroller (MCU).

Additional key components and features include:

  • Supports Arduino bootloader
Programmable via USB
  • Dual force feedback
  • 2.4GHz 60mW Xbee pro module (optional)
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi module (optional)
  • Low profile pinheader
  • Wireless module configuration via USB port
  • Open hardware/software
15 digital buttons
  • Two analog triggers
, two analog joysticks
  • 3.7V Lipo battery
  • USB auto battery charge
  • Borderline 0uA standby current

The modded device – which recently surfaced on Indiegogo – is aimed at DIY Makers and hobbyists interested in a versatile remote control platform.

“You can use and program the controller for robotics, RC cars, planes, helicopters, drones, boats, hovercrafts and FPV,” Smith explained.

“The controller uses an ATmega328P, the same as on the Arduino Uno. This makes it easy to adapt the Arduino platform on the controller. You can upload your sketches via the USB port. The hardware and software is open for everyone, this makes it possible to program your own functionality into the controller.”

Makers can also directly configure the Xbee/Wi-Fi module via USB using X-CTU by simply setting the UART software switch in the right direction.

“The controller sends serial messages to the USB port, so even without wireless module it is possible to control something like a game on your computer with the controller (force feedback),” Smith added.

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered modded controller? You can check out the project’s official Indiegogo page here.

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