Open Bitcoin ATM surfaces on Instructables

John Mayo-Smith has designed an open source Bitcoin ATM prototype. Recently posted to Instructables, the platform is powered by an Atmel-based Arduino Uno (ATmega328).

According to Smith, the prototype takes approximately 7 – 10 hours to build with simple tools. Cost of components are estimated at around $500 (new), although used parts can be snapped up for even less on eBay.

In his Instructables post, Smith lists 8 primary steps for the build:

  • Fabricating box and faceplate (out of a piece of 12″x12″ aluminum metal sheet).
  • Attaching bill acceptor and printer (using brackets, four screws, washers and nuts).
  • Prepping the Atmel-based Arduino board (download and install openbitocoin.ino).
  • Attaching resistor and leads (via soldering).
  • Attaching SD shields and components (attach SD shield to Arduino Uno, cover back of Arduino Uno with insulating tape, attach 5V power supply to back of faceplate, attach Arduino/SD shield to back of faceplate with high strength velcro, connect J2s).
  • Creating QR codes (generate private keys at, convert private keys to 176 x 176 pixel QR codes, convert QR codes to thermal printer format).
  • Provisioning SD (copy logo.oba to root directory of SD card, name QR code files sequentially, then copy to root directory of SD card).
  • Configuring bill acceptor (print the a configuration card at the end of the Apex 7000 manual, fill in the ovals on the configuration card).

If you are short on time, Smith will also be offering an open Bitcoin ATM kit sometime in the near future.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the project’s official page here and the recent Instructables post here.

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