Atmel talks ARM, IoT and sensors on Google+

On Tuesday, February 18, ARM hosted a live Google+ Hangout panel with executives from Atmel, Freescale and Sensor Platforms.

Participating panelists included:


Will Tu – Director of Embedded Segment Marketing at ARM
  • Diya Soubra – CPU Product Marketing Manager for Cortex-M ARM Processors at ARM
Adrian Woolley – Director of Strategy and Business Development at Atmel’s Microcontroller Business Unit
  • Mike Stanley – Manager of Freescale’s Sensor Solutions Division
  • Kevin A. Shaw – CTO of Sensor Platforms

As you can see in the video above, the panelists discussed various software and hardware design techniques to help IoT developers achieve a precise balance between low power sipping and high software complexity for sensor-enabled devices.

“When Atmel designs its microcontrollers, we make sure we have a very good understanding [of particular] applications. [We] optimize the hardware and peripherals [accordingly], developing ICs around the software and [specific] implementations,” Wooley explained.

“[We] understand how software algorithms work, how sensors work and optimize our microcontrollers to operate at extremely low power levels. Atmel puts a lot of intelligence around peripherals in both mobile and IoT, so we don’t need to wake them up anymore than is absolutely necessary. When activated, our MCUs efficiently process data with a minimal amount of battery power.”

Interested in learning more about Atmel’s comprehensive ARM-based MCU and MPU portfolios? You can check out our official ARM product page here.

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