AT90USB128 MCU powers three-in-one mouse

Solid Art Labs has debuted the King’s Assembly – a unique device that packs a high-precision laser mouse, full mechanical keyboard and an analog joystick into a single platform.

Key features include 30 keys for each hand, finger key rows angled for fast access and a two-axis analog joystick for each thumb.

“We challenged ourselves to find a way to move a mouse quickly and accurately without using fingers or thumbs. We designed a contoured palm rest that comfortably anchors your palm and enables you to drive the mouse without moving a single digit,” a Solid Arts Labs rep wrote in a recent Kickstarter post.

“The palm rest is designed to allow unobstructed movement of your fingers and thumb while still providing enough leverage in all directions to maintain precise mouse control. With fingers and thumbs liberated we put controls within easy reach so you can type, use hotkeys, hold buttons down and manipulate joysticks while accurately controlling the mouse.”

The mouse cursor is controlled by a high-end Avago (now Pixart) 9800 optical laser sensor. When coupled, a full King’s Assembly will have 2x optical laser inputs (one for each hand) that are recognized as a single pointer input (mouse cursor) with the motion from both lasers added together. Teflon pads act as feet for slick sliding, while both the vertical and horizontal mouse scroll wheels can be controlled by the thumb joysticks.

“[In terms of key mapping and programmability], we use the beefy Atmel AT90USB128 microcontroller in each hand of the King’s Assembly for maximum horsepower, dedicated inputs for all controls and a network endpoint to allow web browser configurability,” the rep explained.

“A default preset bank and customizable preset banks available to save programming, [with] programming stored on the device’s Atmel MCU. [The programming is] browser-based, so there are no software or drivers to install.”

Indeed, any key can be mapped to any keyboard key, mouse button, or joystick button, while a special register key (that can also be re-mapped) allows keys on the device to have a second set of assignments – easily accessible by holding down the register key. This effectively expands the number of key mappings from 70 up to 139.

On the joystick side, each controller boasts one analog thumb-joystick that can act either as a standard analog joystick or mouse scroll wheels. However, a Solid Art Labs programming goal ultimately envisions a D-pad mode for both joysticks.

Interested in learning more? You can check out the official King’s Assembly Kickstarter page here.

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