This Pi-Bot is powered by an ATmega328 MCU

STEM Center USA has debuted the Atmel powered Pi-Bot (ATmega328), a hands-on robotic learning platform for both students and professional engineers. 

According to STEM Center USA CEO Melissa Jawaharlal, the team designed the Pi-Bot from the ground up to optimize functionality and ensure affordability.

“We continue to work with students to make our designs appealing and work with experts in the area of robotics to improve our designs,” Jawaharlal wrote in an official Kickstarter post.

“We field tested our Pi-Bots with a small group of high school and college students. The response has been remarkable. This is the kit we wish we had growing up.”

Aside from the ATmega328 MCU which powers the Pi Bot’s STEM Board, key platform features and specs include:

  • Modular platform for interchangeable sensors
  • Standardized Arduino C programming
  • Novel chassis design minimizes weight while maintaining strength
  • Slide in battery pack
  • Additional microprocessors can be used, simply by replacing the support plate
  • Pi-shaped acrylic chassis (made locally in the US)
  • USB cable
  • Motor controller
  • Gearbox
  • Wheels
  • Ball-bearing castor
  • Ultrasonic distance sensor
  • Line tracking sensor
  • Mini-breadboard
  • LEDs and resistors
  • Wireset and jumpers
  • Power switch
  • Mounting brackets
  • 4-AA battery holder
  • Spacers and fasteners
  • Easy to follow instructions, no soldering required

“Our laser-cut chassis ensures high precision and durability. The unique ‘Pi’ shape is optimized to minimize weight with high strength,” said Jawaharlal.

“We give you the flexibility to design your own projects with included line following and ultrasonic distance sensors. The modular chassis allows sensors to be moved and positioned for your convenience. [In addition], we are currently developing an assortment of new sensors and motors for even more capabilities in the future.”

Interested in learning more about the Atmel-powered Pi-Bot? You can check out the project’s official page here.

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