IoT sensor fusion with ARM and Atmel on Google+

Sensors convert physical world characteristics into raw data that is subsequently processed by various hardware and software platforms. As the name implies, sensor fusion combines sensory data from multiple sources to improve the overall state of the system being observed.

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, ensuring an extended battery life is perhaps the most important criterion for any device with integrated sensors.

On Tuesday, February 18, ARM will be hosting a live Google+ Hangout panel with executives from Atmel, Freescale and Sensor Platforms. 

The panelists are slated to discuss various software and hardware design techniques that can help IoT developers achieve a precise balance between low power sipping and high software complexity.

You can follow the panel discussion and access the live video feed from the following links:

Panelists include:


Diya Soubra – CPU Product Marketing Manager for Cortex-M ARM Processors at ARM
  • Adrian Woolley – Director of Strategy and Business Development at Atmel’s Microcontroller Business Unit

Mike Stanley – Manager of Freescale’s Sensor Solutions Division
Kevin A. Shaw – CTO of Sensor Platforms
  • Will Tu – Director of Embedded Segment Marketing at ARM

We’ll see you on Tuesday, February 18!!!

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