Democratizing 3D printing with MakeVR

Sixense has debuted MakeVR, an immersive 3D modeling application that helps democratize 
3D printing by making the process natural, intuitive and fun.

“With MakeVR, the old challenges of 3D modeling are gone. MakeVR’s 3D multi-touch allows you to use your hands to interact naturally with the virtual world, freeing you from the constraints of complicated, traditional menu-based modeling programs,” a Sixense rep explained on the project’s official Kickstarter page.

“Imagine being able to physically reach into a 3D scene to grab, interact with and modify CAD-based solid models just like you manipulate objects in the real world. Now imagine, with the click of a button, sending your creation to a local 3D printer or to a printing service to bring it into the real world. MakeVR, with its natural and intuitive 3D multi-touch interface, allows you to do all of this and more.”

According to the Sixense rep, MakeVR’s ease-of-use is facilitated by a 3D input technology capable of tracking the exact position and orientation of each hand at all times. Meanwhile, low-latency wireless motion trackers detect a user’s every move, providing total control of models and the environment using natural motions in 3D space.

MakeVR also features Collaborate3D, a collaborative mode that allows up to five local or remote users to model together in real time within the same virtual environment. In addition, the modeling app supports the use of 3D monitors and full immersion with virtual reality head mounted displays (HMDs).

Additional specs include:

  • Requires a PC running Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
  • Input device: two-handed motion trackers (STEM System or Razer Hydra). STEM System (two controllers) is included with MakeVR (except software-only versions).
  • Import file format: .SAT, .STL (.STL models cannot be modified).
  • Export file formats: .SAT, .STL, VRML, .OBJ.
  • Collaborate3D requires each user collaborating to have a separate copy of MakeVR with Collaborate3D.

“MakeVR’s 3D multi-touch is the next logical step in the evolution of interfaces, the perfect interface for the next generation of users who already expect a greater level of interaction,” the rep concluded. “It’s a way of interacting with 3D content that is so natural and intuitive anyone can do it.”

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