Wearables are the new mobile revolution

Writing for InformationWeek, Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder confirms that wearable devices represent the next logical step in the mobile revolution.

“If done right – with vigorous ecosystems of brands, retailers, healthcare providers, and even governments tapping into their value – wearables will create more efficient and seamless experiences for wearers,” he explains.

“Many of these wearable scenarios will come about through a surprising channel – the enterprise. While most of the world focuses on consumer wearables, enterprises might offer an even bigger opportunity. Over the next few years, companies will experiment with wearables in both customer-facing and back-end work scenarios.”

More specifically, Gownder outlines 7 ways wearables will enter the enterprise:

  • Via healthcare
Through innovative in-store experiences
Helping field service workers become more productive
  • Revolutionizing warehousing and logistics
Keeping tabs on employee collaboration
  • Customer-oriented brand rewards
  • BYOD

“While company-purchased devices will play an important role in many of the scenarios mentioned above, the power of bring your own device (BYOD) hasn’t waned,” Gownder adds.

“As consumers discover the value of wearables, technology managers can expect to see employees bringing smartwatches, smartglasses and other wearables into the workplace. For some of these wearables, existing practices for smartphones and tablets (like the use of mobile device management services) can be adjusted to accommodate new wearable devices.”

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