Video: Libre Wireless and Atmel’s SAMA5D3 MPU

Previously a division of BridgeCo, India-based Libre Wireless technologies used to be the only licensed partner for Airplay.

The company now supports all platforms for media streaming using Atmel’s versatile SAMA5D3 MPU to power its hardware. In this video, Libre rep Kiran Suri demonstrates the company’s wireless streaming tech at CES 2014.

As we’ve previously discussed on Bits & Pieces, the SAMA5 lineup is Atmel’s next generation of embedded microprocessors for industrial designs. Built around ARM’s Cortex-A processor, the SAMA5 family offers significant enhancements in the performance vs. power equation compared to its predecessor and competing products.

Operating at 850DMIPS at under 200mW, the SAMA5D3 embedded MPU is ideal for any high-performance, low-power and cost-sensitive industrial applications. These include control panels, smart grid devices and bar code scanners – anything that requires high levels of connectivity, enhanced user interfaces, robust security, or is battery powered.

Interested in learning more about Atmel’s SAMA5D3 embedded MPU series? You can check out the full MPU lineup here.

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