Building e-Paper devices with the EPD Xplained Pro

Atmel and Pervasive Displays Inc. (PDI) have introduced the EPD Xplained Pro kit for e-Paper device developers. The kit – designed to work with Atmel’s MCU Xplained Pro lineup – allows engineers to simply drag and drop code across a variety of Atmel MCU platforms.


In addition, PDI has published the EPD driving source code for SAM4L Xplained Pro and SAM D20 Xplained Pro Kit on Atmel Gallery, making it easy for users to easily download an example EPD project with full source code that is integrated into Atmel Software Framework (ASF).

According to Atmel’s Joerg Bertholdt, developers can easily tweak the MCU configuration to work with addition Atmel Xplained Pro kits and Atmel MCUs.

“Developers can plug in the EPD Xplained Pro directly to the header of any Atmel MCU Xplained Pro kit,” he said. “It will be recognized automatically and direct users to a landing page in the Atmel Studio 6.1 IDE for more detailed information and design resources.


E-Paper displays (EPD’s) are currently being utilized for reusable transport items, medical display devices, electronic security badges, smart tags and labels. 

e-Paper is also used for retail and commercial product pricing and information displays, diagnostic charts, barcode/QR codes, along with work instructions for assembly lines and manufacturing.

Indeed, E-paper provides a distinct advantage over traditional paper displays by reducing expenses for paper materials and labor, while offering paper-like readability, high resolution, optimized contrast and a 180 degree viewing angle.

For additional product information and to purchase the kit, visit EPD Xplained Pro kit on PDI’s website. Software support for the EPD Xplained Pro kit is available for download, free of charge, from the Atmel Gallery by typing “EPD” or “e-paper” to search or directly through Atmel Studio 6 Extension Manager.

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