Arduino data visualization with

Like many Makers, Instructables member Plotlygraphs has used versatile Atmel-based Arduino boards over the years to build everything from MIDI controllers to simple LED flashers.

Recently, Plotlygraphs wrote up a succinct Instructables post that explains how to use, a collaborative data analysis and graphing tool, to visualize data from Arduino pins. 

More specifically, Plotlygraphs pairs an Atmel-powered Arduino Uno (ATmega328) with a DHT22 Temperature + Humidity Sensor to create detailed environmental graphs.

Aside from the Uno and DHT, key project specs include an Ethernet shield, hookup wires, angled pin headers, 9v wall adapter, two pieces of (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ ) wood (1/4″ thick), four (10-32x2in) machine screws, 12 hex nuts (10-32 diameter).

In terms of software, Makers can download the latest Arduino software (1.0.5), Arduino library and Adafruit’s DHT Arduino Library.

The first step? Connect the Arduino Uno to an Ethernet shield, then the DHT sensor. Next, upload the sketch to the Arduino board and build a basic enclosure.

“This design is so simple and wonderful, we’ll leave it up to you! Its just drilling 8 holes, and assembling,” writes Plotlygraphs. “Remember to be accurate with your holes, as they have to match up. Measure twice, drill once!”

Interested in learning more about Arduino data visualization with You can check out the Instructable here and’s website here.

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