Building a connected home with Atmel and ioBridge

ioBridge and Atmel have unveiled a low-cost ZigBee Gateway at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. 

The new gateway is powered by, ioBridge’s scalable Internet of Things (IoT) cloud technology and embedded firmware.

According to Hans Scharler, President, Software at ioBridge, the low-cost ZigBee gateway provides simple and seamless wireless connectivity to connected home products such as door locks, garage doors, lighting, and sprinkler systems – making them accessible from any smartphone or Internet-connected device.

“Locking and unlocking your front door with your phone will be as commonplace as using your keys in the next few years,” said Scharler. “Integration with connected home products and the mobile phone is leading the Internet of Small Things revolution.”

The Platform for the IoT allows any device to connect to cloud services and mobile phones to provide control, alerts, data analytics, customer insights, remote maintenance and feature selection. 

Manufacturers deploying ioBridge’s technology will be able to quickly and securely bring new connected home products to market while slashing their cost-per-connected device.

“For more than a decade, connecting ZigBee sub-networks with the Internet has been a major challenge,” said Magnus Pedersen, Marketing Director of MCU Wireless Products, Atmel. “ioBridge’s technology is amazingly fast and a great match for low-latency wireless applications such as lighting, security and sensors where low-power, tenacious link-quality and instant access are essential.”

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