A Tesla hacked into a Vanagon

My buddy Otmar Ebenhoech is hacking a wrecked Tesla chassis underneath a VW Vanagon van. And not just any Vanagon, he is doing it to a stretched Vanagon that has two side doors.


Otmar Ebenhoech stretched this Vanagon years ago. When the engine blew out he decided to hack a wrecked Tesla S into the undercarriage.

I met Otmar when he lived in Silicon Valley. I was converting a 1975 Honda Civic to all-electric, and he was the go-to guy for help and advice. He sold his house during the housing craze, and went up and bought a house and a shop up in Corvalis Oregon. If anyone has the can-do spirit to pull this off, it is Otmar. He is the designer of the Zilla dc motor controller used in the White Zombie electric drag car.

Here is a video from the project blog:

Hopefully Burning Man and all Otmar’s other projects won’t keep him from this great adventure. I saw he paid about $38k for the Tesla so its not something you want to just let sit. When I watched the video  above I wrote Otmar and asked if that hoist was his personal shop. He replied:

“Yes, that’s the Garage Mahal you see in the background. I spoiled myself by moving to Oregon where I can afford a shop, and seemingly to buy a wrecked model S though I’m still in a bit of shock over that!”

1 thought on “A Tesla hacked into a Vanagon

  1. Otmar

    Thanks Paul!
    Of course I’m an Atmel fan as well, using the Arduinos to fake out LIN bus commands on the Tesla.



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