Atmel introduces ARM-based SAM G lineup

Atmel has unveiled its SAM G lineup, an ARM Cortex-M4-based family of MCUs that integrate high performance and ultra-low power in a small form factor. The SAM G series is ideal for a wide range of sensor hub and battery-operated consumer applications, including smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks as well as wearables, healthcare, gateways, bridges and audio devices.

“In the rapidly growing market for smart, connected devices in this era of the Internet of Things (IoT), there is a demand for MCUs with ultra-small form factors, rich features, high performance and lower power,” explained Oyvind Strom, Atmel’s Sr. Director of Microcontroller Products. 
“Atmel’s new SAM G51 and SAM G53 series meet all these requirements with 3x3mm packaging, high-performance frequency at 48MHz, ultra-low power consumption down to 100µA/MHz in active mode, 7µA in sleep with SRAM retention and down to 3µs wake-up time.”

The new SAM G MCU lineup also offer a floating point unit (FPU) option for applications that require extra computational power and precise calculations such as digital smart watches, wearables and mobile sensor hubs.

Additional key specs include:

  • High-performance throughput and efficiency with a Cortex M4-based MCU and FPU
  • Up to 512KB of Flash and 96KB of SRAM
3x3mm WLCSP, 49 balls with 0.4mm pitch
Flexible serial peripherals and ultra-low power ADC
Peripheral Event System and SleepWalking
Atmel ultra-low power picoPower technology

With more than 50 billion devices projected to be connected by 2020, there will be an increased need for sensor hub solutions for smart, connected devices. Essentially, sensor hubs are MCUs that take the load off an applications processor to offer a more energy efficient solution – along with managing all the sensors in the device and converting the data into useful information. 

The new SAM G family offers an ultra-low power, high performance sensor hub solution, expanding the company’s current portfolio of sensor hub options. In addition, Atmel has added two new sensor partners – Cywee and AKM – to its program which offers a complete system solution running on the Atmel platform.

“Devices within the IoT market increasingly are smaller and battery powered, requiring higher performance and lower power,” Strom added. “Atmel’s new SAM G Cortex-M4 family provides all the requirements for sensor hub and IoT applications delivering the industry’s lowest power consumption and highest performance – all packaged in some of the most compact form factors to meet every space constrained designer’s needs.”

Interested in learning more? You can check out Atmel’s SAM G lineup here.

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