DeltaTrix is an open source 3D printer

The DeltaTrix – designed by Richard Tegelbeckers – is an open source and fully hackable 3D printer. Originally posted to Instructables, the 3D printer was recently funded on Kickstarter in the form of DIY kits and fully-assembled machines.

According to Tegelbeckers, the theoretical printing area of the DeltaTrix is 280mm (11 inch) in diameter.

“As a square this works out as (almost) 200x200mm (8″x8″), which suits the used ‘MK2A’ heated bed,” he explained.

“As it is also useful to be able to remove items, the gap between the uprights is just over 295mm. The maximum build height is around 280mm (11”).”

The DeltaTrix is powered by Atmel-Arduino RAMPS electronics, with a linear delta robot layout providing a mechanically simple motion platform for moving the print head (only).

Additional features and capabilities include an LCD display, SD memory card, support for PLA and ABS filament, independent operation (no need to be attached to a PC), igus linear slides with pretension, Reprappro Hot End and quick changeover print head assembly.

Interested in learning more? 
You can check out the DeltaTrix’s official Kickstarter page here and the original Instructables post here.

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